What happens when your project closes

by Crowdfunder | Mar 23, 2022 | Learn

What happens when your project closes

Once you’ve made it through your successful Crowdfunder, it’s time to pat yourself on the back and think about what’s next! 

Your project may have closed but your crowdfunding journey isn’t over just yet. You’ll need to update your supporters, send out your rewards, and complete what you set out to achieve. 

Though please remember that not every crowdfunding experience is the same, so some elements may differ depending on the type of project you completed and if you received any +Extra funding. 

Say thank you

Once your crowdfunding project ends, make sure to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to all of your supporters. After all, you couldn’t have done it without them! You can do this through social media or your project updates.

Receive your money

You will usually receive the money raised through your Crowdfunder within seven working days with any fees having already been taken. 

Please bear in mind that any +Extra funding you received will usually arrive separately

Send out your rewards 

Once your project has closed successfully and you have received your funding, any rewards that have been pledged on will need to be fulfilled. 

This is unless your rewards require the final completion of your project (for example a voucher to spend in a new cafe when it opens).

For more information, you can read our ‘Delivering your rewards’ guide which should help you along the way. 

Keep everyone updated on your progress

It’s really important to keep your supporters updated with any developments about your project, including when they can expect their rewards and how your project is progressing. 

If there are hitches along the way, make sure to let everyone know. After all, it’s important to be transparent. 

Follow up with press

If you received any press during your Crowdfunder, you can get back in touch with them to see if they would like to do a follow up piece. This can be a great way to update your community on your success and get them excited about the future. 

Build a database 

Your supporters are usually your biggest fans, so it’s worth thinking about how to convert them to your email database. Please make sure you are adhering to GDPR requirements!

Congratulations on completing your successful Crowdfunder and best of luck for the future!

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