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Small Business Fund

Crowdfunder, Portsmouth City Council and Shaping Portsmouth have come together to offer up to £5,000 match-funding for projects benefiting the area of Portsmouth.

If you are a new business startup or an existing SME looking to grow, and you have the support of the people of Portsmouth to back your business development idea, then you may be eligible for our Small Business Grant Scheme. See below for details.

About the fund

Active Crowdfund Portsmouth Small Business Fund
Crowdfund Portsmouth Small Business Fund
Get up to £5,000

Crowdfund Portsmouth supports new business start-ups, existing SMEs looking to grow and businesses impacted by Covid-19.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

How does crowdfunding work?

You may be eligible for a pledge from the Crowdfund Portsmouth fund up to 50% of your crowdfund target (£5,000 maximum pledge). To be considered for a pledge you must:

  • Achieve the first 25% of your crowdfund target, from at least 10 unique backers
  • If you receive a pledge from Portsmouth City Council and it does not take you to your target, then you must continue crowdfunding until you reach your target in order to collect any pledges from the Council.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive match funding from us, your project must:

  • Be within the city (within postcodes PO1 to PO6)
  • Be formally constituted in the UK, with a bank account
  • Help residents into /closer to employment, or brings economic benefit to the city
  • Priority will be given where the project is for an existing independent, small or medium sized enterprise seeking to grow
  • Demonstrate strong local support, shown through a vibrant crowdfunding campaign
  • Before completing your application for match funding please read the Portsmouth City Council terms and conditions carefully.

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) reserves the right not to fund, or to withdraw funding during a campaign if it becomes apparent that any of the criteria are not being met. PCC also reserves the right to amend this information at any time.

How to apply for this fund

Start by setting up a crowdfunder project, if eligible you will be able to apply 

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