Nine email dos and don’ts

by Crowdfunder | Jan 26, 2022 | Learn

Nine email dos and don’ts

Did you know that around 40% of pledging on Crowdfunder is driven by email? 

It’s one of the best ways to promote your project to people in your network, so don’t neglect your inbox during your campaign. There’s a knack to crafting a great crowdfunding email that connects with the reader and avoids the spam box. Check out our top tips to make sure your emails are effective at driving support for your crowdfunding project.  

1. Make it personal

When you email people you know, always use their name and personalise the message. It lets the person know that you’re addressing them specifically and is more likely to garner a response. No one likes receiving a bulk message with a ‘Dear Sir’ opening. 

2. Be direct

Include a clear request, so that people know what you’re asking them to do. Would you like them to pledge? Or perhaps you’d like them to share the project with people they know. Either way, be clear and direct with your ask. 

Make it easy for people to find your project by including the link to your page on Crowdfunder. It’s a good idea to hyperlink references to the project in your email, as well as writing out the full link at the end of your email with a clear ask. 

4. The big picture 

Including an image in your email can be a really great way to show personality and get across what you’re trying to achieve. However, including attachments can sometimes increase your chances of getting caught in a spam filter, particularly if it’s a large file. Stick to including just one or two smaller images to illustrate your message. 

5. Get your subject right

Think carefully about what to write as the subject of your emails. Make it interesting and specific to your project, so that people will want to open it to find out more. Avoid using lines like ‘please pledge’ or ‘help me’ as they can look like spam and will put people off.

6. Follow up 

With busy schedules and even busier inboxes, it’s easy for people to miss a message. If someone doesn’t respond to your first email, message them again a few days later. They won’t mind a gentle nudge and will be grateful that you’ve taken the time to reach out. 

7. Name drop

When you’re sending follow up emails, you can mention the names of people who have already supported the project to motivate others to pledge. We’re social creatures, so we often like to follow the crowd. 

8. Use tools

If you have a larger email database, there are some fantastic free to use tools like Mailchimp that can help to lighten the load. It’s handy to be able to check open and click rates on your emails so that you can specifically target those who didn’t engage the first time.

9. Signature

If you include a link to your Crowdfunder project page in your email signature, everyone will see it each time you message them. This can serve as a gentle reminder throughout the campaign.

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