Nights - Feature Film

by Omid Farkhondeh in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

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On 18th April 2022 we successfully raised £20,298 with 222 supporters in 35 days

We plan on creating Nights & releasing it late 2022 - this will include a premiere with 1hr Q&A. Festivals + online viewing available after.

by Omid Farkhondeh in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Additional money will allow:

  • Increased cast and crew pay.
  • Improved filming equipment.
  • Purchase of rights to copyrighted music.
  • Further marketing such as commisioned art & further reach (including multiple premiere showings).


Welcome to the Crowdfunder page for our feature film, 'Nights'! 

We aim to raise £10,110 to fund the making of this film, we are very excited to say Creative Scotland will match-fund this project! More information on the bottom of this page.

Check out the rewards tab for a variety of rewards such as the film itself, posters and more in return for your support!

About the film

Nights is a feature film crime/drama with a supernatural twist. Crime, addiction, broken relationships and things that go bump in the night. 

Our protagonist, Adam, delves deeper into the world of crime to gain money in an attempt to save his girlfriend Sarah from her drug addiction. However, a sudden betrayal leads to supernatural consequences.

Watch the first trailer for Nights here -


Nights is a story that combines aspects of genres we know and love to create something unique. I hope for it to be as moving as it is exciting. I also hope to tackle issues with care that are important to all of us - relationships, toxic masculinity, addiction and more. But these reflect the meaning of the film, so what's the actual story of Nights? We'll start from the beginning. 


Adam's life from a young age has been difficult, coming from a broken family and pushed into a new way of life as he ventures down troublesome paths and eventually crime. This is where he meets Lucas


Together, they balance crime and cooperation to achieve a (mostly) consistent way of income. However the real motivations for delving into crime come from Adam's determination to help his girlfriend, Sarah, from her drug addiction. 

Her dependency on drugs is tied in with her grief stricken childhood. As much as she wants to quit, her desire to use is stronger - an escape. Adam eventually realises this and goes to more extremes to get money, which he believes will be the key to saving her from the addiction. However, Adam's naivety eventually leads to his betrayal.

We learn more of Sarah's life with addiction as she is supported by her father, but we quickly realise she isn't able to sustain self-control. Her addiction slips and becomes increasingly dangerous. 


Adam returns from the robbery as something else, and while battling the struggle of controlling his newfound "power" he tries to maintain his relationship with Sarah. But as time passes and day becomes night, Adam is inevitably overcome by supernatural forces.

After an overwhelming loss of control, Adam attempts to recuperate at home, but realises he has not only lost control, but has no memory of his actions. Only to be revealed to him in a shocking way. He finally reaches out for help, but is it enough?


Through supernatural visions and abilities, he is able to find those who deceived him - one by one. He sways between his "other self" and the Adam who he believes he is. Can he take control?


1646592634_cast_header_full_size_robertt.jpgRobert Wolfe as 'Adam'

Rob captivated us with his audition and instantly became part of the team. His focus and thoughtfulness bring a depth to the character of Adam that give a truly gripping performance. His ability to transform moment to moment is crucial for the story.

Stephanie Austin as 'Sarah'

Steph's humanity emits through the screen, but she also has the capability of bringing a darker side, very necessary traits for depicting all sides of Sarah. The delicate nature of tackling addiction, while balancing a three dimensional character is no mean feat, this is where Steph shines.

Ciaran Drysder as 'Lucas'

Ciaran was onboard from the outset, collaborating on script editing from draft one. He manages to convey the crucial, subtle emotions that are the catalyst to world changing results in Nights.

1646596022_crew_crowdfunder.jpgOmid Farkhondeh - Writer/Director

Nights is a passion project I wrote in 2018 and have self-funded to its current state. Despite aspects of supernatural, it's a deeply personal project which I am extremely excited to create with my team. I hope we can eventually share a unique experience in storytelling, worthy of your support.

Alex Thomson - Cinematographer

Alex has been onboard from a very early point, from testing lenses to collaborating in 3D software. His keen eye for capturing a variety of emotions brings Nights visuals from plan to production to screen.

Rachel Venturini - Assistant Director/Producer

Rachel's main role in Nights is to ensure we progress according to a set schedule, she also assists in the integral behind the scenes work that gets the film made. She also brings her make-up talents to assist on set in making realistic practical effects come to life.

Matthew Lukowski - Editor/Producer

Matthew has been onboard Nights since draft one, he continues to bring all of his skills in lifting Nights to the best it can be, from editing scenes together, to providing BTS photography, and similarly to Rachel, assisting in crucial behind the scenes work.

Colin Harris - Sound Operator

Colin is our on-set sound recordist, he has a boom mic in his hands all day, but still manages to find time to assist with tech issues if need be. His professional audio ensures the film meets cinema standard.

Watch the extended Crowdfunder video from the team for a full dive into the story, characters and making of Nights -

Bringing Nights to life is a team effort. A group of us have evolved together after studying at the same college, our collaboration has spanned for years on various projects, this is our biggest.

Nights requires additional talent; Steph and Rob were brought onto production later in the process, and have instantly become core collaborators. I'm excited to share everyones talents as we continue making this film.

There have been a fair share of challenges making this so far, from covid meaning we lost a great location, to rigourous casting, to maintaining money to pay cast and crew.


Creative Scotland's Match Funding

Our project is part of the Creative Scotland Crowdmatch - we are 1 of 20 shortlisted creative projects in Scotland - that have the opportunity to win a share of £80,000 in match funding, up to £10,000 per project.

Creative Scotland will match our supporters money upon reaching each milestone. 


Budget Breakdown

We’re based in Scotland and approximately halfway through filming. The next half however, is quite a bit more expensive due to more ambitious locations such as a bank, nightclub and train - hence the crowdfunder. Your donations will go to paying cast and crew, locations, travel and other vital aspects of production such as marketing/distribution.


The goals shown below reflect the stages of the budget, so far we can have managed to create scenes which I have self-funded, however the jump in cost for scenes requiring ambitious locations and more cast requires additional help. Your money means making it possible to finish this year. 

I also hope to give this film a wide audience. With good marketing and distribution, this is possible. 


Why Support Nights?

Nights is a film that deserves to come to life as a standalone project, however I believe this has an added benefit of igniting multiple careers, and having a great impact on the Aberdeen/Scottish film industry. This was the reasoning for aiming for a bigger film as I truly believe with this story, more people can benefit from it than just me. The learning process from pre-production, production and post-production is a a noteworthy achievement; on top of that, understanding marketing and getting the film distributed (aswell as into a selection of festivals) is another major benefit of this project. We have created some scenes I'm very proud of, and with your support, we can finish it. 

We're approximately halfway through the film and I've already developed my skills such as how to work with a team, create engaging social media posts and honing my directing skills. 

All of the money put into this crowdfunder goes directly to Nights, which in turn, has the possibility of giving more opportunities to the entire cast and crew. Creating feature films is my personal career goal, so why not start now?



Any support for Nights is greatly appreciated, from donating money, to sharing the page. However, if you'd like to go the extra mile in supporting us, you can create a fundraiser! Select the "start fundraising" button above the rewards. Anything you raise will be directly sent to our target. From baking, running to something entirely unique, we welcome all ideas.

Closing Thoughts

We are committed to Nights and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it so far. I can't wait to experience the rest of the process. Thank you for any contributions and sharing of this page. Hope to see you at the premiere!



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