Mastrick Summer Club

by Nick Bowry in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Mastrick Summer Club
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To run a summer club for primary school age children, 3 hours per day for 10 days providing a nutritious cooked meal to stop holiday hunger

by Nick Bowry in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

To enable us to refurbish our hall kitchen to the best standards, so we can run other community-based projects involving food in the future, and be certain our equipment and environment is of a suitable standard. Our hall is used by several community groups each week, and at present we can offer limited facilities for preparing food. Given the nature of the local community, where many go hungry or struggle to make ends meet, being able to prepare and cook food in reasonable quantities would be of great benefit to our local community. 

Mastrick is an area of Aberdeen where many children are entitled to free schol meals. Most of this district is in the bottom two deciles of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. During  the seven week summer holiday many of these children will go hungry during the day.

For 10 days during the holidays (one full week - Mon to Fri - and then once a week thereafter)we shall offer activities and a nutritious meal during a three hour session.

Apart from helping to reduce hunger, we hope that the activities will help the children during the holidays by avoiding getting bored and getting involved in activities that could be less suitable for them.  We will invite parents to attend with their child if they wish to do so, and also have a meal.

We will invite other agencies to drop in, such as the energy saving team, who can advise parents on how to reduce their energy bills.

At the end of this short project we hope to have:

  • Helped the children maintain or start having a healthy diet
  • Provided a meal to any parent who needs one
  • Provided the children with some good memories, and some other social and reading and possibly singing/music skills.
  • Reduced the likelihood of children getting involved in inappropriate activities through boredom
  • Provide an opportunity for parents to relax and chat and meet other parents and reduce their social isolation
  • Built relationships of mutual trust and start to identify the needs of this community and through adopting an asset-based community development (ABCD) approach, look to see how this community can help itself with the resources it has at its disposal.

The funding will enable us to provide food for these ten days, and to purchase some resources to enable activites to be run. We have run one charity event and have £400 already saved to help fund this summerclub. Most of these resources will be consummable items such as paint, paper, card, pens etc. If affordable, we may invest in items of non-consummable items of equipment (toys, balls, saucepans, crockery, etc)  that would enable us to run the event in future years and support other youth activities that will directly benefit our local community during the remainder of the year.

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