How to run a prize draw on Crowdfunder in five easy steps

by Jasmine Ward | Jul 09, 2021 | Stories

How to run a prize draw on Crowdfunder in five easy steps

Want to find out more about running a prize draw on Crowdfunder. Here’s how in five easy steps.

Setting up a prize draw with us is simple and quick and is so much more than just a way to raise money! They’re also a great way to entice your crowd, engage your audience, and create buzz around your fundraising efforts. Plus you can set a target so the draw won’t go ahead if you don’t raise the minimum amount of money that you need. 

You might be wondering who can run a prize draw? Well, we’re here to tell you that anyone can. Yes, really! You can be a part of a business, charity, community group or even just an individual with a great prize. 

So how can you get involved?

1. Get a great prize

You might already have one but if you don’t then get your hands on something desirable. Now that might sound easier said than done but think about your connections, such as the businesses and people that you know. If you’re an organisation yourself, think about experiences you can offer that the public can’t typically buy. The more exclusive, unique and special your prize is, the better as this will attract more supporters to your page.

2. Tell your story

Yes, most people will want to win your prize but don’t forget that your story is important too. Why are you running your prize draw and why are the funds so important? Paint the picture of your cause and explain where the money will go. You need to get people on your side and this is a great way to do it! 

3. Entice your crowd and spread the word.

 Your prize will be enticing in itself but you can also get people to your page in a number of other ways. Think about having different levels to your draw so people will want to give more money in return for more entries to increase their chances of winning.*

Make sure to spread the word far and wide, telling as many people as possible. Use social media, websites, newspapers and networks and ask your friends, family, and customers to share. They might even want to enter themselves.

You can check out our handy social media guide on how to best utilise your channels! 

4. Enjoy easy entry lists and data

Once your prize draw has ended, you can get all of the entries and data at a click of a button! 

5. Pick a winner

Once you’ve got the data, it’s time for the fun bit! You can choose a winner and celebrate their good fortune. It’s even better if you can make a big deal out of their win! You can ask for photos of them with the prize and maybe even a video of it being delivered. This can get your story and cause more exposure and make for great material if you decide to run another prize draw in the future! 

Extra perk

Did you know that there are no platform fees for prize draws, making everyone a winner in our eyes!

Looking for inspiration? Read about some of our success stories.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your prize draw TODAY

*Your prize draw must have a free entry route and you will need to create a set of terms and conditions for your prize draw which comply with our prize draw guidelines here. Crowdfunder is not a Promoter of individual prize draws”

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