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Building Stronger Communities Fund

Up to £2,500 available to support communities in East Sussex

We’re keen to support projects that promote social inclusion, diversity and empowerment of people and communities, through the development of community facilities or community activities.

In addition to the projects focussing on our three key themes, until the end of March 2022, the fund will support projects in East Sussex that are addressing the climate emergency.

This could be through; increasing active and sustainable travel; preventing and minimising unnecessary waste; improving green spaces; increasing access to sustainable, affordable and healthy food; reducing energy usage; or enhancing knowledge and skills around climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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About this fund

Active East Sussex Building Stronger Communities Fund
East Sussex Building Stronger Communities Fund
Get up to £2,500

Supporting projects run by not-for-profit organisations that develop community facilities and community activities in East Sussex.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.


Building Stronger Communities Fund

You may be eligible for Building Stronger Communities Match Funding of up to 50% of your project target, or up to £2,500 maximum pledge. Before completing your application for match-funding we ask that you read the accompanying guidance notes fully. Read here.

Essential criteria
  • The project must benefit people who live or work in East Sussex
  • The project must be run by a not-for-profit organisation based in East Sussex
  • The project organisation must have an annual income of less than £200,000
  • The project must demonstrate strong local support by crowdfunding 25% of its target from a minimum of 25 unique backers
  • The project should be creative and engaging
  • The project should develop either community facilities or community activities or address the climate emergency
  • Political or religious projects will not be funded

The project must promote at least one of the following:
  • The inclusion of people who have previously been excluded from community life, or;
  • Diversity by bringing together groups across different cultures, ages, or any other diverse groups, or;
  • The empowerment of people and communities by drawing on their strengths to participate in community activities.

Fund Release

The Building Stronger Communities Match Funding will only be released once the full fundraising target has been reached and the Terms and Conditions are signed by the organisation.

Free one-to-one advice, workshops and training are available to support your project development from our partners.

How to apply for this fund

Start by setting up a crowdfunder project, if eligible you will be able to apply

Projects supported by East Sussex

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