+Extra funding for projects in Cornwall

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Supporting communities to make great ideas grow

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council is looking to supportnot-for-profit organisations working with local communities in Cornwall.

Do you have a great idea for a project or initiative that needs funding? Cornwall Council is looking to support not-for-profit organisations working with local communities in Cornwall.

We want to inspire individuals, community groups, charities and businesses to grow local projects and enhance nature with extra funding.

See the funds available in Cornwall

+Extra funding for projects in Cornwall

Get extra funding towards your crowdfunding project

Cornwall Council Community Chest Fund

Cornwall Council: Community Chest Fund

Get up to £1,000

Supporting ‘not for profit’ organisations who deliver a wide range activities and projects that enrich and engage local communities.

Cornwall Council Grow Nature Seed Fund

Cornwall Council: Grow Nature Fund

Get up to £5,000

Any locally constituted and recognised ‘not for profit’ organisation which seeks to serve the people or wildlife of Cornwall could be eligible.

Cornwall Council Social Inclusion Fund

Cornwall Social Inclusion Fund

Get up to £5,000

Funding for projects that aim to improve social inclusion and wellbeing for people in Cornwall.

Creative Cornwall Calling Fund

Creative Cornwall Calling Fund

Get up to £1,000

During this challenging time for our creative industries, our Creative Cornwall Calling campaign aims to support projects and ideas across all of Cornwall.

Cornwall Climate Action Fund

Carbon Neutral Cornwall

Get up to £4,000

Supporting projects or ideas that are helping tackle climate change through reducing carbon production; the removal of carbon from the atmosphere.

Forest for Cornwall Fund

Forest for Cornwall

Get up to £5,000

The Forest for Cornwall Community Fund aims to support community-based projects that help to increase the canopy cover, the wildlife and environment of Cornwall.

Cornwall Town and parish Fund

Town and Parish Council and Community Groups Cornwall

Get up to £2,000

Funding for projects that aim to increase community resilience within local communities and help to support vulnerable people.

Cornwall Climate Emergency Funds

Crowdfund Cornwall Climate Emergency

+Extra funding for environmental projects in Cornwall. Cornwall Council is supporting projects and activities that will help Cornwall become carbon neutral and tackle climate change.

Devon and Cornwall Police Community Resilience Fund

Devon & Cornwall Police Community Resilience Fund

Get up to £5,000

For local projects that aim to increase community resilience within local communities and help to support vulnerable people.

Projects in Cornwall

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Thinking of crowdfunding for a project in Cornwall? Want to find out how you can access Cornwall Council funds into the bargain? Catch up on how you can in our Crowdfund Cornwall webinar with Council CEO Kate Kennally and Cllr Sue James (Environment).

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How +Extra funding works

Create a project

Create a project

Start a new project on Crowdfunder, tell us the basics and a rough outline of your story. Then we can show you funds that you may be eligible for.

Apply for funding

Apply for funding

You can then choose to make an application for a relevant fund. If a partner likes your project, they may agree to support it.

Start crowdfunding

Start crowdfunding

Start raising money from the crowd and once you reach an agreed percentage of your target, one of our partners could boost your total with a large donation.

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