£5,000 match funding available for projects that encourage nature in Cornwall

As part of Crowdfund Cornwall, Cornwall Council, Crowdfunder and partners aim to support small-scale projects that help create more space for nature within local communities. If you have an idea which will Grow Nature, join us and play your part in transforming your local area for wildlife and for people.

About this fund

Active Cornwall Council: Grow Nature Fund
Cornwall Council: Grow Nature Fund
Get up to £5,000

Any locally constituted and recognised ‘not for profit’ organisation which seeks to serve the people or wildlife of Cornwall could be eligible.

You need a crowdfunding project to apply for funding. Start or continue adding your project and, if eligible, you'll be prompted to apply.

How to qualify?
  • You need to be a locally constituted and recognised 'not for profit' organisation
  • Once you have raised 25% of the total project target from a minimum of 25 unique backers, the council pledge will be made.
  • You need to raise at least 50% match funding before Cornwall Council funds will be released
  • The maximum Seed Fund pledge will be £5,000 or 50% of your target (whichever is the lower)
  • Projects must reach 100% of their target in order to secure the council funding.
  • Funded projects must deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the natural environment. Please see here further information on eligibility

What types of projects would we like to support?
  • Conversion or restoration of community greenspace to wildlife habitat: community orchards, ponds, wildflower meadows/verges, native hedges, street trees or woodlands
  • Environmental improvements to a community centre or village hall grounds: installation of bee bricks, bug hotels, swift boxes, nest boxes, tree planting
  • Coastal and marine projects: no anchor zones, initiatives to reduce single use plastics
  • Local wildlife training and monitoring schemes
  • Schemes to reduce invasive species, litter, noise or light pollution in the environment, including coastal areas and on the water
  • Environmental aspects of a heritage restoration scheme
  • Initiatives to help local people to connect with their environment.
  • Activities which encourage people to grow nature and increase the public understanding and enjoyment of wildlife and heritage
  • Cornwall-wide, regional and national organisations are eligible, but only for projects delivering a clear and demonstrable benefit to the environment of Cornwall.
  • Schools are welcome to apply for this funding as long as the project outcomes are publicly accessible.

What will be expected of applicants if they are successful?
  • Need to report on project progress, problems and the delivery of predicted outcomes via the Crowdfunder Impact Survey. Failure to respond gives Cornwall Council the right to request the potential return of funds.
  • Need to produce a brief final project summary with before and after photos (a simple template will be provided)
  • Need to be able to produce evidence of eligible expenditure if requested, e.g., receipts, quotations
  • Contribute to news stories about the project as requested

The applicant is required to fill in a survey to evaluate the impact of their project (it will be sent by crowdfunder three months after the completion of the fundraising campaign). The applicant may be required to answer additional questions from Cornwall Council.

Please see our terms and conditions here

How to apply for this fund

Start by setting up a crowdfunder project, if eligible you will be able to apply

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